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Ghosts of Saint-Michel

by Jake Lamar

(Minotaur 2006) 

Ghosts of Saint-Michel  has been translated 

into French as Les Fantômes de Saint-Michel


"Soul Food and Intrigue in the City of Light. Who can resist a mystery novel that takes you to a different world and makes you feel familiar with the place even as you explore it?...With its evocation of Paris, characters so vivid that you care deeply about them (even while wishing a couple of them ill) and intrigue straight out of today's headlines, Ghosts of Saint-Michel makes for a tasty dish."

--Rosemary Herbert, Washington Post Bookworld, June 25, 2006

"While hidden lives and secret agents abound, the novel is really about family and love and what it takes to hold both together. [Lamar's] unique storytelling makes for a lively read."

--Bob Meadows, People Magazine, June 26, 2006

"Ghosts of Saint-Michel is a meaty read. Taking place on the eve of 9/11, this thriller ... not only serves up action and intrigue but a fair amount of history as well."

--Margo Hammond, St. Petersburg Times, July 09, 2006

Marva Dobbs has a life most people envy.

An American who has lived in Paris for most

of her adult life, she runs a popular soul food restaurant, and her thirty-nine year marriage has brought her a beautiful grown-up daughter. So why is she jeapordizing everything for a fling with her sous chef, a mysterious twenty-eight-year-old Algerian man named Hassan?

Marva begins to ask herself the same question when she returns from vacation to find that Hassan is missing, and that he is the main suspect in the investigation into the bombing of a building in Paris that has left one man dead. Then Marva disappears, leaving her bewildered daughter and husband to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Once again, Jake Lamar delivers a riveting thriller rich with the romance, intrigue and international flavor of the City of Light.